If you employ a script-driven app on your website and all of the content that you create is stored in a database, your website hosting package has to come with ample database storage space, so that you can ensure that even when your website expands, you won't experience any difficulties as a consequence of the lack of storage space. PostgreSQL is a good example of a widespread database administration system that is used with lots of scalable web applications and if you need high-end performance and stability for your website, it is more than likely that you will employ this solution. Considering this, you'll need a hosting package that won't bound your web presence, especially if you would like to run several sites and each of them works with PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Website Hosting

Some of the Linux website hosting packages that we offer are excellent for hosting sites that use a PostgreSQL database to operate since they are provided with unrestricted database storage. When you use any of these plans, you can install and manage any sort of PostgreSQL-driven script application and enjoy a rapid and stable website hosting service. We can offer unlimited database storage space as we don't manage everything on the same server. Alternatively, all PostgreSQL databases are managed by a different cluster, which is a part of our custom cloud web hosting platform, so that we can always put extra hard disk drives or entire servers to your cluster when required. With our shared web hosting services, you will not ever have to worry that the progress of your sites is reduced because of the shortage of space for your databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are perfect to host any PostgreSQL-driven script application. One of the variations between the packages is in the number of databases and the storage for them that you get, so as to give you an option to pick the characteristics that you really need. For a smaller-sized site, for example, you do not need that many resources, while for a popular portal, a discussion board with a great number of visitors or an online store with lots of items you could benefit from our top-end plan that comes with unrestricted PostgreSQL database storage. As the accounts are created on a cloud hosting platform, all of the databases run using an individual cluster and they do not share the system resources with the rest of the files. Thus, we achieve two things - better performance of script sites and nearly limitless database storage space.